Anuj Aggarwal

Specialty: General Dentist

Province: Ontario

Graduate School: Karnatak University, India

Experience: > 10 years

About Me

Dear Dentist,

I am interested in joining your dental practice in the position of associate dentist. I intend to work on weekend and late evenings. I aspire to positively contribute to your existing practice and at the same time to have a wonderful experience working with you.

As for my background, I am a dentist with two years of GPR and 13 years of general dentistry clinical experience in India. I did some research in the field of biomineralization and saliva at the department of Biomedical Engineering/ Schulich School of Dentistry, Western University, and then on zirconia at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto. I have completed the equivalency process of NDEB and obtained the license for practicing general dentistry from RCDSO. Along with it, I am also pursuing DDS (Final year) from the University of Toronto to add Canadian experience and knowledge to my prior qualifications. This has also provided me with the experience of working with Canadian patients, learning Canadian work culture and patient management. I am a Canadian citizen and love the culture and diversity of the country. I have had extensive experience in the management and comprehensive care of my patients.

As a new associate in your practice, I will continue to maintain your core values, to expand your patient base and to provide quality care. I have been highly appreciated by my patients, colleagues and professors for which references could be provided on request. Looking forward to work with you.

Sincere regards,
Anuj Aggarwal

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