Dr. Farzad Danesh

Specialty: Endodontist

Province: Ontario

Graduate School: University of Toronto

Experience: > 10 years

About Me

I am a skilled certified endodontist.
I maintain efficient communications and relationships with GPs, interact very well with patients that could be a very good recommendation source from patients to your new patients, and provide and promote high-quality treatment.
I have all up-to-date equipment and technology to perform procedures, including a surgical microscope, Elements Device, Tulsa Rotary machine, Endodontic Ultrasonics, and Apex locator. No case is new to me.
The diagnosis, treatment plan, in collaboration with you (GPs), and then treatment would be perfect.
Real sample cases is available.
Dr. Danesh,
DDS, FRCD(C), Certified Endodontist,
Your Partner in Patient Quality Dental Care

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