Raheel Sheikh

Specialty: General Dentist

Province: Ontario

Graduate School: University of Toronto

Experience: < 1 year

About Me

My name is Raheel Sheikh and I recently graduated from The University of Toronto - Faculty of Dentistry. Though I am a new graduate, I am very confident in my ability to perform high quality dentistry and make sure patients feel comfortable and at home when under my care. I am an extremely capable, coachable and adaptable dentist who has great work ethic and I work tirelessly to ensure the quality of my dentistry meets the highest standards. My chair-side manner is based in the philosophy that patients should be treated like family and thus I always put my patients first.

Clinically speaking, I have exceptionally strong skills in restorative dentistry, endodontics, and extractions for both adult and paediatric populations. I am also very keen on furthering my skills in aspects of dentistry such as cosmetics, implant therapy, orthodontics, third molar extractions, and molar endo. Throughout the lockdown I spent countless hours watching webinars and learning about different aspects of dentistry that I can use to further my scope and ability to provide the best possible care for my patients.

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