Ankur Rampal

Specialty: General Dentist

Province: Ontario

Graduate School: University of Toronto

Experience: 1-2 years

About Me

Hii sir
Just a Quick glance of my resume
Received license in June 2018
Worked with Dental Corp in Hamilton for 10 months
Jumped to Govt contract ISC Canada Sioux lookout working in Reserves with aboriginal population . 8 months
Returned back to GTA with Altima since sept 2019 .
Main reason for going upnorth. To get proficient in RCT and Surgical extractions . I had chance to work in NWT also for locum In HAY river northwestern territories .
I live in mississsuga I own a house . I look for good job and I give my everything in for betterment of practice and patient .
Ankur Rampal

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