Jason Gopaul

Specialty: General Dentist

Province: Ontario

Graduate School: Western University

Experience: < 1 year

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About Me

I am a fourth-year dental student at Western University, seeking an associate position as a General Dentist upon my graduation in June 2020. My aim is to work in a patient-centered environment where I can contribute to your current practice, while expanding on my foundational knowledge of dental topics and procedures.

Dentistry is a balance of science, art, and collaboration – all things I am passionate about. I have been sketching since I was a young child, which has led to good manual dexterity. This helps me excel in most areas of dentistry and to genuinely enjoy my work. My clinical skills have earned me the position of Emergency Clinic Dental Student Clinician – a position offered to a select few students each year. Here I was entrusted to triage, diagnose, and treat dental emergencies in a timely manner. Additionally, I pride myself on my attentiveness to the needs of my patients. I find it easy to form connections with each patient, discern their goals, and help to establish a treatment plan to meet their needs. Further, I believe that a dentist has a duty to contribute to the community, and so I am heavily involved in my student community. I am currently the President of the Student Professionalism and Ethics Association, and Vice President of the Alpha Omega dental fraternity. With these positions, I have attended a leadership and ethics conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I have given talks to members of the American College of Dentists at their Annual General Meetings. Collectively, these positions taught me leadership, the importance of diligence, and have ultimately imparted on me effective time management skills.

I am a highly motivated individual, and I believe my work ethic and positive attitude make me an asset to your practice.

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