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Category: Assistant

Location: CALGARY, Alberta

Term: Full-time

Company Website: http://www.dentalchoice.ca/


Dental Choice is proud to be one of Alberta's largest networks of professional dental and management services. Currently, we are looking for someone to fill the position of Dental Assistant and want our candidate to be confident in the practice of easing our patients into the dental chair and making their visit as comfortable as possible.

Responsibilities (not limited to):

• Assist dentist with the administration of treatment
• Review and record patient health history
• Manage patients during dental procedures
• Prevention and management of dental medical emergencies
• Maintain stock and clinical supply inventory
• Educate patients on appropriate oral hygiene strategies and make recommendations for better oral health based on their history
• Educate patients about pre and post-operative care
• Schedule additional appointments
• Make chart entries under the direction of the dentist
• Follow Dental Choice standards
• Make accurate and efficient procedure code entries
• Communicate with suppliers, vendors, and laboratories
• Maintain a sterile and tidy working environment
• Offer suggestions to assist the office in running smooth on a daily basis


• Certification in an accredited Dental Assistance Program
• Experience using Dental Software for a variety of tasks

Soft Skills:

• Well maintained presentation and attitude
• Be organized, punctual and pay close attention to detail
• Be a team player and an active listener
• Keep a positive attitude
• Promote adherence to Dental Choice systems and protocols
• Have good written and verbal communication skills
• Have experience working in fast paced environment on Dental Software in dental clinics
• Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner to get along with patients, co-workers, dentists, and management
• Deliver and promote excellent patient care and customer service