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Dynamite Dentist

Category: Associate

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Speciality: General Dentist

Term: Full-time


We are seeking a dynamite dentist who is the “complete package” of excellent communication and speaking skill, leadership qualities and comprehensive dental abilities both clinically and in treatment planning. Preference given to 3+ years experience. You are business savvy and you may be thinking about buying your own practice but wonder whether you could join a team where there is an excellent associateship opportunity with a partnership track instead. Are you tired of the basic junior associateship model and interested in a more innovative approach to advancing your professional career, joining a rocket ship of a dental practice right here in Toronto? What if you could buy into a well developed dental office in a way that recognizes the value that you have already contributed as an associate and have an amazing work life balance and revenue stream? Perhaps you are seeking a non ownership role but seeking a great work life balance and revenue stream where you are going help take our practice to an even higher level. Perhaps you are also interested in community outreach. Are you a consummate professional with an entrepreneurial streak? Do you have a patient following? Have you grown a practice or know how to do it today? Please send a video outlining who you are, what you are about and why we should interview you for our million dollar associateship position in Toronto: ‎ddstorontodowntown@gmail.com


Preference given to 3+ years experience.