Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Hi! We'll give you the quick tour:

  • Post a job:

    Click post a job in the menu above. Fill out the job details and preview your listing. If it looks good, click the pay now button to enter your payment information.

    Listings are subscriptions and billed on a monthly basis. Your billing date will be the same date each month.

    By default, applications are forwarded directly to the email address you sign up with, but your email address will never be made visible to applicants - unless you choose to share it.

  • Getting hired:

    Search and apply to your new position by browsing jobs from the menu above. You can also create a candidate profile to attach to - and speed up - your applications.

    By creating a candidate profile, you give principals and recruiters an opportunity to recruit you. We offer a confidentiality option so you can create your profile and at the same time maintain your anonymity.

    Employers will contact you in the same way you contact them - we take their message and email it to you, so your direct contact details are kept private unless you decide to share them on your profile.

Is my job listing/profile confidential? is built with your privacy in mind. Here's how it works:

  • For job posters:

    Your email address is confidential and will never be seen or shared with applicants or anyone else. Applications are forwarded directly to you via the email address you signed up with so your contact details are kept private unless you decide to publish them.

  • For candidates:

    When creating a candidate profile, we give you the option to hide your name and other details that would potentially give away your identity. This allows you to get noticed by principals and recruiters while maintaining your anonymity. It is your discretion to reveal as much or as little about yourself as you like.

What is the candidate database?

Candidates can create their own professional profile that is indexed in a database. The database is not searchable through Google, etc, When principals and recruiters post a job, they gain access to the database of relevant candidates, improving the odds of finding the ideal match. Posting a job is not necessary to view the candidates in the locum database.

How long will my job listing remain online?

Listings are subscriptions and billed on a monthly basis. Your billing date will be the same date each month.

What does cost?

Searching and applying to jobs is free, and so is creating a candidate profile/uploading your resume. Our monthly rate to post an associate job posting is $179 and our rate for all other job postings is $99.

How do I cancel or remove my job posting/candidate profile?
  • For job posters:

    Sign in to your dashboard and click cancel next to the job you want to cancel. The listing will be removed from the job board and you will no longer be billed for that job.

  • For candidates:

    Sign in to your dashboard and select edit profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select delete profile.

How do I edit my job posting?

You can edit your postings through your dashboard. You'll need to sign in first.

Is this site only for jobs in Canada?

Yes, services all the provinces and territories of Canada

Why do you only accept resumes in PDF format?

We couldn't stomach making you copy/paste your resume into a text box, or force you to re-type it into some new format - we want to make it easy for candidates to post, and easy for employers to read.

Adobe's PDF format is the most widely accepted document format, so this was an easy choice. With this format, we can display pages the way you've created them directly in the browser, as well as scrape your text for keyword searches. Try it now if you haven't already; we think it works great.

Help! How do I save my resume to a PDF?

We have found the easiest way to convert a file to PDF is using this free, trusted online tool, called SmallPDF. Drag and drop your file onto the browser, and your file will be converted to a PDF.

Where can I send my suggestions, comments, concerns or questions?

We love feedback and would love to hear from you! Please contact us.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Our privacy policy in one sentence: we will never share your personal information with anyone.