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How To Become A Dental Assistant And Find A Dental Assistant Job In Canada

Some may be aspiring to secure a dental assistant job but are always wondering if it would be worthwhile. Even though dental assistant jobs aren’t the same as a dentists job, they sure have roles that are instrumental to a successful dental practice. This piece will be shedding light on the unique versatilities of dental assistants to the smooth running of any dental practice. It’s also vital to point out that dental assistants contribution in dentistry helps in boosting the delivery of dentists services which leads to optimal patients satisfaction. However, this write-up will be shedding light on information revolving around dental assistants including their distinct roles.

First off, what does a dental assistant do?

Dental assistants perform a number of duties throughout the day. Including collecting patient information, preparing dental materials such as dental composites, amalgams and cements, assisting dentists in patient care, preparing and maintaining dental instruments and equipment. A dental assistant may also be involved performing final placement of fixed or removable dental prosthetic appliances, managing dental records, managing dental emergencies, examining, diagnosing or planning dental treatment, and managing patients during dental procedures.

What certification is required to become a dental assistant?

The first thing required is completion of high school, usually with a focus on sciences including biology and perhaps chemistry. After that you can begin to look across Canada as there are many accredited programs for dental assistants. Also you may be required to hold a valid Level C certificate in CPR. Dental assistant programs provide training in such area as dental radiography, infection control and microbiology, preventive dentistry, community dental health and clinical assisting procedures.

Dental Hygienist

Dental assistants to some people are the same as dental hygienist, but this is just another misconception in dentistry. Though they are both support positions associated with dental practices, they are in no way the same. The two job titles come with distinct responsibilities, and below is the major difference between them. Dental hygienists duties require them to work directly on dental patients. They are loaded with hygiene-related responsibilities regarding the patient, and also help with the diagnosis of dental conditions when the need arises. But in some situation, their (dental assistants and dental hygienists) duties do intertwine in such a way that an experienced dental assistant can also execute the task of a hygienist and vice versa.

Working as a Dental Assistant

A known fact is that individuals often have certain limitations in executing specific task irrespective of their professionalism. You may be a professional and even be versatile at what you do, but if you are not cautious about the volume of task you handle at a go, the quality of your output may be affected. And this is why there is a need for segregation of duty, especially in a medical set-up such as dentistry where every medical action requires utmost care. So, if dentists need to solely focus on patients during treatment, they need to have someone around to assist in making the work process a smooth one. There are a handful of duties dental assistant execute on a daily basis. These tasks may look ordinary, but they are significant to the progress of any dental establishment that desires to record positive advancement continuously. The valuable duties of dental assistants in dentistry can be categorized into the following four sections: Clinical Duties Dental assistants majorly assist dentists or hygienists with relevant need during treatment procedures. They help dentists with various tools during treatment and also help in sterilizing dental equipment before and after treatment. Furthermore, they help with x-ray related tasks. But in general, they function based on the need of the dentist as regards to the treatment of dental patients. Reception Duties Are you wondering if the duty of an assistant dentist extends beyond the treatment room? Yes, it does. In most cases, they have additional tasks which require them to act as a point of contact between dentists and patients. Likewise, they help in scheduling and reminding clients of dental appointments. Managerial Duties In some dental establishments, the assistant dentist performs administrative functions such as managing patients’ documentation which ranges from dental conditions to treatment history among others things. And in some scenario, they work in the capacity of dental administrators depending on the dental establishments. It is pertinent to note that the involvement of dental assistants in duties other than the clinical aspect depends on distinct dental establishments.

Dental Assistant Salary

Like many occupations there can be a big difference in your salary depending on where you live in Canada. A dental assistant can make almost double working in Edmonton compared to Halifax. On average across the country a dental assistant can expect to make $41,624/yr according to Neuvoo. Entry level is around $28,000 and more experienced assistants can go as high as $55,000. The average wage is 1.3 times more than the median wage for the whole country. With such a big difference in wages across the country a site like Dental Gigs can make your search for a job in any province or city much easier and successful. Sign up today to get immediate up to date job postings and be sure to include your resume in order to apply quick and easy.


Written by Curtis Bebek



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Oct 6th, 2018