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Get Hired: 5 Tips You Need When Looking For An Associate Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant Or Dental Admin Job

Getting hired begins with the candidates will to begin a job search. This could be done by looking for jobs online, word of mouth, dropping resume's off at nearby practices. Perhaps you seek an Associate job,, Hygienist job or even a Dental Assistant job and you’ve been invited for a one-on-one after submitting your application online. You are thrilled and at the same time a bit of apprehension is creeping up your spine. This could be it --- an excellent start to your career. What do you do? How do you go about preparing to crush this interview after an exhausting online job search? So many questions are jostling around in your mind. Are you now becoming frantic? Fear not. Here are our top tips for landing that dream dentistry job;

1. Prepare For the Interview

What is the first thing you do after scheduling a meeting? … Prepare right? It’s pretty obvious but people still make this mistake time and time. Research the Practice you are interviewing for. The first place to get information about anything is from the internet. Use it. Check out the website of the business, read up on any news about them, their vision and mission statement. Look for online reviews and social media accounts. Linkedin is great for finding current employees at the office you are applying to. Also don’t forget to look at Facebook to see what else you can find out about prospective employers

2. Take another look at the job description:

This is critical as it helps you take note of the skills and traits specified. You will have to highlight these skills during your interview and show how you possess those skills and a best fit for their practice.

3. Craft and master your unique selling points:

It is very possible that everyone invited for the interview has almost the same qualifications and experience. However, the person who ends up getting the job is one who was able to convince the interviewer that he or she was the best for that position. Literally, we could simply say he/she sold himself better. This is where having your unique selling point comes into play --- what is it that makes you the most qualified and best fit for the role? Answer that question and you are already half way into solving the puzzle.

4. Practice your pitch:

You now have your well written UPS (unique presentation speech) and ready to go. Not so fast… Do you believe your UPS? Does it sound convincing when you say it? It doesn’t matter if you have a well crafted pitch that could wow even the most skeptical recruiter, if your presentation is not convincing it doesn’t amount to much. The way you present your pitch could simply earn you a mere nod or a new beginning for your career. However, practicing your pitch and internalizing it, gives you the opportunity to observe yourself and control your output. Be sure to go over your pitch in front of the mirror a few times. Try to pick up and change any weird discrepancies when you talk or how you sit. Be sure to run your pitch with your friends and get them to help with any facial expressions, posture or question and answers.

5. Show Up For the Job Interview in Style:

First impressions matter. Within 5 seconds, you have already been sized up by your interviewer with nothing more than “Hello” coming from your mouth. Dress to impress. The way you put together your outfit goes a long way in signalling to others how portray yourself. Recruiters can tell whether you are a meticulously detailed person, out-going and personable by merely looking at your grooming. Hence to project the right kind of image. This is a dental job interview and you should remember that cleanliness is a very important aspect in the medical field. This includes how properly ironed your clothes are, fitting, your hair and nails --- are they neat and well cropped? Walk in with your chin up and your spine straight. Nothing beats being confident. People are drawn to confident and enthusiastic individuals. Confidence is an important trait to employers when looking for employees to hire. Relax and have fun. Interviews are supposed to be a two way discussion between you and the organization representative interviewing you. An opportunity for both of you to discover if you are best fit for each other. Clearly and directly answer questions, and take note to be mindful of your voice pitch. Be honest with your answers and show interest in the company by asking relevant questions. Bonus tip: Follow Up: The final tip which most people surprisingly neglect is following up after an interview. Send an email immediately when you home, thanking the interviewer for their time and commenting on what you truly enjoyed during your time there. Going for an interview could be an unnerving experience for some people, however with adequate preparation and practice you should be confident enough to handle yourself. Following the tips outlined here will help you get the best out of this opportunity. Also wanted to mention for potential job seekers out there https://www.dentalgigs.com/profiles has a section for posting resumes in public or you can have them hidden. We also provide FREE resume editing for all dental professionals looking for a hand getting a job.


Written by Curtis Bebek



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Nov 10th, 2018